How to Use

Multihack for pc is very easy to use, just click the download button for the game download the .rar archive file. Download the unpacked program on our desktop and launch it.



It is important that when running the program, wait until the application checking process dives to the end. Multihack will also check for updates if a new version of the program is available and the program will automatically update.



When you load the menu of our program choose the options that interest us, remember to select the BEASTCHEATS option because then we will have access to all options during the game when we press the F10 key. After selecting the options we are interested in, click the HACK button. When the program loads the required components we should see HACK: ON. Then we run the game window and enjoy the options that the multihack program gives us.



The program is completely unplayable, but if you want to double your security you can use a proxy by selecting this option in the top bar of the program.

Have fun!!

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