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Operation 7 Hack Download is the official sequel to the very popular game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis 2001. The sequel stays true predecessor and presents quite a lot of tactical action with a simultaneous simulation and very realistic approach.

Operation 7 Game Review:

Depending on the nature of the mission, you play the role of the commanders of several units involved in the operation carried out on the small island of Skira (East Asia). This territory is in the center of the geopolitical game between several powers because of the oil deposits located on it. Controlled by Russia, however, it becomes a place of armed conflict due to the Chinese invasion. Our task is therefore to act to repel the island from the hands of the Chinese army.

The developers have set themselves a very ambitious task-to show people the modern battlefield. The simulation character was, however, properly balanced to provide spectacle and dynamics. Most of the elements of the world can be irreversible destruction-this applies to both buildings and our equipment. Which can get stuck in the middle of the battle. Sowing destruction is necessary, however, to keep in mind the future tasks – destroyed during one of the missions of the building remain in this state until the end of the campaign. Another example of detailing the world, can be the look of the soldiers themselves-they differ significantly from each other. As well as the emblem on the uniform, modernized, so that the eye can easily determine the rank of the unit. Missions offer more freedom-we get separate tasks, but the way they are performed depends on our ingenuity and tactics.

Operation 7 Hack Download

Game Mechanics:

The territory of the game is 220 square kilometers, obtained on the basis of satellite images of this island. Operation 7 offers several dozen combat vehicles, as well as an impressive set of small arms (about 70 types). Everything is done, of course, with great attention to detail and observance of realism. Also, if we are talking about the preparation of weapons for work. Part of the weapons before use requires pre-Assembly in accordance with the instructions.

Hack Info:

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Operation 7 Hack Download

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